Enterovirus D68

Dear Parents/Guardians: In response to media coverage of Enterovirus-D68 (EV-D68) infections around the country this past month, the North Brunswick School District is taking a proactive approach to educating our school community.  As of September 19th, there has been one documented case of EV-D68 in New Jersey; there are currently NO documented cases in North Brunswick.  We understand the current reports in the media can be alarming however, it is important to understand this virus, its symptoms and method of transmission in order to help decrease the spread in our community.

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Middlesex County Office of Health Services Enterovirus D68 Fact Sheet

Dear Parent/Guardian,         

The attached information is being provided to inform you about Enterovirus D68. This is a viral respiratory infection found in children. Many parents have contacted local physicians and health officials to gather more information about symptoms, treatment and precautions that can be taken to avoid contracting the virus. While the virus has not yet posed a serious threat to our area, proper preventive precautions can eliminate the virus from spreading.

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