Message for Staff Regarding Gmail Transition

Message for Staff Regarding Gmail Transition
Posted on 08/10/2017


  • Currently:  All users information has been migrated to Gmail up to the date of 7/10/17

  • In Process: Migration of all information after 7/10 up to August 1st.

  • Wednesday, August 16: Access to Exchange/Outlook shutdown

  • After 8/16: Final migration of any remaining data from Exchange/Outlook over to Gmail/Google Calendar

  • Q: Will my email address change?
  • A: No!  Your email address and password will remain the same.
  • Q: How do I get to gmail?
  • A: Simply login with your district credentials at, or click on the gmail icon from your Google Drive app launcher ("waffle" in top right corner)
  • Q: Will I lose all of the folders I've set up in Outlook?
  • A: No.  They will be migrated over as part of the timeline outlined above.  Anything that might be missing after the final migration process can be retrieved by submitting a TCC ticket