High School Curriculum

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HS English:

Grade 9 Courses

College Prep English I

Honors English I

Common Core Support I

Grade 10 Courses

College Preparatory English II

Honors English II

Common Core Support II

Grade 11 Courses

College Preparatory English III

Honors English III

Advanced Placement Language & Composition

Common Core Support III

Grade 12 Courses

College Preparatory English IV

Honors English IV

Advanced Placement Literature & Composition

Common Core Support IV


Creative Writing

Basic Public Speaking

Film Analysis




HS Mathematics


Guides we share with Linwood

Algebra 1 Part One

Algebra 1 Part Two

Algebra 1 College Prep

Honors Geometry

Only at the high school:

Geometry College Prep

Honors Algebra II

Algebra II College Prep

Algebra III

Probability and Statistics (Semester Course)

Trigonometry(Semester Course)

Pre-Calculus College Prep

Honors Math Analysis

Calculus College Prep

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science A

SAT Prep (Semester Course)

Introduction to Computer Science

Algebra I Common Core Support

Geometry Common Core Support

Algebra 2 Common Core Support

Math Lab IV


Core HS Science:

CP Physics

Honors Physics

AP Physics 1

AP Physics C

CP Chemistry

Honors Chemistry

AP Chemistry

CP Biology

Honors Biology

AP Biology

Elective HS Science Courses:

Environmental Science

Marine Biology

Anatomy and Physiology

Honors Biotechnology & Forensics

PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design

PLTW Principles of Engineering

PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing

PLTW AP Computer Science Principles



HS Social Studies

Grade 9

World History and Cultures

Grade 10

US History I CP

US History I Honors

Grade 11

US History II CP

US History II Honors

AP United States History


Africa, Latin America, Asia (9-12)

America’s Military History  (10-12)

American Law (9-12)

Comparative Religions (9-12)

Digital Generation (9-12)

Dimensions of Prejudice, Holocaust, Genocide (10-12)

AP European History (11-12)

AP Government and Politics (11-12)

Human Behavior (10-12)

AP Psychology (11-12)

Sociology (10-12)



HS World Language:

CP French I Curriculum

CP French II Curriculum

CP French III Curriculum

Honors French IV

AP French Curriculum


CP German I

CP German II

CP German III

Honors German IV

AP German Curriculum


CP Italian I

CP Italian II

CP Italian III

Honors Italian IV

AP Italian Curriculum


CP Spanish I

CP Spanish II

CP Spanish III

Honors Spanish IV

AP Spanish Curriculum


Conversational Spanish

Spanish for Native Speakers I

Spanish for Native Speakers II

Spanish for Native Speakers III

Spanish 1A

*Spanish 1B



ESL Courses at NBTHS

Beginner ESL
Intermediate ESL
Advanced ESL
Common Core Support I-II
Common Core Support III
Common Core Support IV

HS Business and Technology:

Business Ethics

Business Dynamics

Computers Made Easy


Financial Management


Honors Business Law Grade 10-12

Honors Economics

Honors Accounting

Honors TV Production II

Honors TV Production III

Intro Computer Science Grade 10-12

Intro to Entertainment Technology

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Advanced Woods

Architectural Design


Gaming and Animation

Career Exploration

Cinema and Film

Co Operative School to Work Co Op

Machine Woodworking

Marketing Education

Technical Drawing

Radio Broadcasting

Television Production I

Television Production II

Woods I - Half Year Course

AP Microeconomics

Internet and Web Design

Integrated Computer Applications Grade 9-12

AP Macroeconomics

HS Visual and Performing Arts:

Anyone Can Draw, Paint, and Sculpt Grade 9-12

Ceramic I Grade 9-12

Ceramics II Curriculum

Ceramics Studio Curriculum

Chamber Orchestra 2009

Color, Composition, and Calligraphy Grade 9-12

Concert Choir Grade 9-12

Design and Mixed Media Curriculum

Freshman Orchestra

Graphic Design Curriculum

History of Rock and Popular Music Grade 9-12

Honors Choir Grade 11-12

Vocal Technique

Music Theory Grade 9-12

AP Music Theory

Concert Band/Honors Wind Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble

Perspective Drawing Grade 9-12

Photo Studio II Grade 10-12

Portraiture and Cartooning Grade 9-12

Symphonic Orchestra