Linwood Clubs and Activities

Linwood has numerous thriving clubs and activities that provide a great opportunity for students to get involved in their school and make new friends. Listed below are the various clubs and a brief description of each one.

Academic Challenge 

is an academic competition with a quiz-bowl format designed to encourage and promote academic excellence of Middle School students. Students are asked questions which demand quick recall of facts from all academic areas, as well as general knowledge, current events, sports, and the arts. The competition gives students a forum in which to demonstrate their proficiency and to receive recognition. Students are also afforded the opportunity to interact with academically talented students from other schools. A fundraiser gives us the ability to raise money for the busses to travel to the schools. We meet on Thursdays in Room 714. Club Advisors are Mrs. Masino and Mr. Landolfi. Email: dmasino@nbtschools.orgjlandolfi@nbtschools.org.


is a place where students can learn to foster their creativity, diligence, and the patience to sit and perfect their craft. Students will learn how to express themselves in a healthy way, while still learning how to work as a team with group-based artworks, as well as independent artworks. Students will learn about different cultures and will have a better appreciation for diverse art practices around the world. By participating in this program, your child will have an opportunity to be a part of their community and serve as a positive role model offering acceptance, tolerance, patience, and friendship through art at Linwood Middle School. The Linwood Art club is an after school club that meets on Wednesday's from 3:00 – 4:00 pm in Room 128/130 with Mrs. Carter and Ms. Brown. You will learn various ways of developing your skill and style in Art. You will participate in individualized projects as well as group-based work, such as murals! Using your talent and drive for the visual arts, you will help blossom new art to the school community. Mrs. Carter and Ms. Brown will supervise this Art club at all times, helping students reach their highest potential in Art and in their community through Art. Email: lcarter@nbtschools.orglibrown@nbtschools.org

Book Club 

engages students in discussions about what they're reading. Lively discussions give students a chance to ask questions and voice their opinions while building reading and analytical skills. The current book club members have participated in a fundraising activity to raise money for the books they want to purchase. Then they research and collaborate to decide the books their group wants to read. This club meets in Room 816, on Wednesdays. Advisor- Ms. Machalany Email: amachalany@nbtschools.org.

Chamber Orchestra/Strings Club 

engages students in discussions about what they're reading. Lively discussions give students a chance to ask questions and voice their opinions while building reading and analytical skills. The current book club members have participated in a fundraising activity to raise money for the books they want to purchase. Then they research and collaborate to decide the books their group wants to read. This club meets in Room 816, on Wednesdays. Advisor- Ms. Machalany Email: amachalany@nbtschools.org.

Debate Club 

is where students have the opportunity to argue their point of view about an issue assigned by the club advisor. Topics can be as serious as, “Should the voting age be raised to 21?” or on the humorous side like, “Should we change the school mascot?” A student will sponsor the topic by discussing their point of view. This is followed by a question and answer period. Then a student will speak against the topic, which is also followed by questions and answers. Following an open forum for anyone for or against the topic, a vote takes place on whether the topic at hand would be approved. In addition to assisting a student with public speaking, the club helps teach:

  • discipline
  • order
  • patience
  • respect

Debate Club meets on Wednesdays in Room 606. Advisor- Mr. Schwartz. Email: aschwartz@nbtschools.org.

Drama Club 

is open to all Linwood students who have an interest in participating in musical theater production by either performing (singing, acting and dancing) or being part of the stage/production crew (Set building, backstage crew, costumes etc.). We meet once a week on Thursdays and as we get closer to the show date have additional rehearsals on Fridays as needed. In the past we have presented junior versions of "Once Upon a Mattress", "Guys and Dolls"," Legally Blonde, the Musical", "Oklahoma!" and many others. The club meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Cafeteria. Advisors are Mrs. Grimes and Ms. McGuire. Email: lgrimes@nbtschools.orgmmcguire@nbtschools.org.

Eighth Grade Activities Club 

is a club for eighth grade students. Club members assist the advisors in planning community service ideas, hosting community service hours, and tracking the completed community service hours of all 8th graders. In the fall, all 8th graders are invited to participate in the Ashley Farms fundraiser; activities club members help to promote the sale. The 8th grade semi-formal in May is also organized by the club. Members select the themes that the 8th grade students vote on, as well as plan the decorations. Lastly, members assist the advisors in organizing the 8th grade trip to Frogbridge in June. The club meets Thursdays in Room 716. Advisors are Mrs. Keegan and Mr. Zelehoski. Email: mkeegan@nbtschools.orgjzelehoski@nbtschools.org.

Homework Club 

is a club in which students can complete their homework in a quiet and peaceful environment. It is also a way in which students will have a teacher nearby to best help with any questions or confusion they may have on a particular assignment. Students may come as frequently as they want to Homework Club, and they are able to sign up weekly for the sessions. Some students choose to come every week, whereas others only come when there is an important project or assignment to complete. Homework Club meets on Thursdays in Room 140.. Advisors are Mrs. Coleman and Ms. Silver. Email: lcoleman@nbtschools.orgtsilver@nbtschools.org.

Humanitarian CLUB

Humanitarian Club is for students who want to use their voices to inspire peace and justice in the world. Everyday, human rights are violated around the globe, and there is always something we can do to raise awareness and educate ourselves. In Humanitarian Club, we work to make the world safer and protect human rights. Students will be exposed to international affairs, stories of different human experiences, and community service. We channel our passions into purpose to solve problems like poverty, discrimination, bullying, and inequality. Humanitarian Club meets for the greater good on Tuesdays after school in 652 with Mrs. Khan. For more information, contact srahim@nbtschools.org

Jazz Band

is open to 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th grade band members and performs music in jazz, rock, and Latin styles. We perform at Linwood, the Elementary Schools, and throughout the community. The Jazz Band meets on Thursdays in Room 114. The Advisor is Mr. English. Email: cenglish@nbtschools.org.

Linwood Awareness Buddies (LAB) 

The program objectives for the LAB club are as follows:

Ability Students: To benefit from role models for social and behavioral skills
To increase social initiations and relationships
To promote inclusion of students among their peers
To feel a part of the LMS community

LAB Students: To provide Linwood students with an opportunity to take on a leadership role of promoting good citizenship and disability awareness
To prepare students for an adult life in an inclusive society
To create opportunities for students to serve as positive speech and behavior role models and offer acceptance, tolerance, patience and friendship

The club meets Tuesdays in room 801. Advisors are Mrs. Hannon and Ms. Pilcz. Email: Spilcz@nbtschools.orgJannon@nbtschools.org

Linwood Pride 

is Linwood Middle School's online student newspaper. During Newspaper Club meetings, students write articles about world issues, events in the North Brunswick community, and events at Linwood. The newspaper staff may also interview teachers, administrators, and other clubs. Check out the newest editions at Tinyurl.com/linwoodpride . The club meets with Mrs. DeMarco every Wednesday in room 664 or a computer lab. If you have any suggestions for article topics, please send an email to LDemarco@nbtschools.org .

The Lionpride Concert Choir 

is an after school auditioned choir consisting of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. We meet on Wednesdays after school from 3-4 pm. Here at Linwood, it is not possible to enroll in both band or choir as classes simultaneously, so we offer these extracurricular performance groups for students who wish to participate but are unable to enroll in the chorus class so that they may have an opportunity to perform in a choir. The audition consists of simple basics of musicianship like, pitch, rhythm, sight-singing and sight reading. There are approximately 50-60 students in this performance ensemble, which meets Wednesdays in Room 131. The director is Ms. Clark. Email: rclark@nbtschools.org.


club has worked on promoting our magazine with colorful posters to ensure all students know how and where to submit pieces. We are excited to announce our magazine will include photography and artwork as well as writings of all genres. Many club members are currently writing pieces to submit as well. We are excited to start picking pieces to revise and edit to make our magazine come to life this spring! The club meets Wednesdays in room 646. Advisor- Ms. Cohen. Email: jcohen@nbtschools.org.

Math Olympiad

contests were created in 1977 by Dr. George Lenchner, an internationally known math educator. Last year nearly 150,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide participated in the Olympiads. 49 of the 50 states and about 30 other countries were represented. The Linwood teams meet every-other week on Wednesdays in Room 715. Level E is 6 th grade, and Level M is 7-8 th . The goals are to introduce important math concepts, develop flexibility in solving problems, foster mathematical creativity, and enjoy meeting the challenges of working to solve difficult problems in a collaborative atmosphere. There are five monthly contests given from November through March. Schedule of dates is available outside Room 715. Club Advisor is Mrs. Weinberger. Email: hweinberger@nbtschools.org

The National Junior Honor Society

is a club founded on the principles of character, service, scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Students in seventh and eighth grade are eligible to apply if they have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.85 during their time at Linwood Middle School. After that initial requirement, students will complete an application, which will be reviewed by Faculty Council members, who will make a final determination regarding membership. The members of the National Junior Honor Society constantly work to support the Linwood and North Brunswick communities. They devote some of their R&R time to support their Linwood peers in their academic endeavors. A few times a year, students make bagged lunches for Elijah’s Promise, a shelter in our neighboring town of New Brunswick. During the winter holiday season, the students will “Adopt-a-Family,” to help brighten the holiday season for a struggling local family. Additionally, they collect winter apparel and a large donation is made to a local battered women’s shelter. As the spring season arrives, students utilize their persuasive techniques to motivate peers and staff at Linwood to donate pennies to our “Pennies for Patients” drive, with the money raised supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. These initiatives, as well as countless others, are reflective of the selfless, dedicated nature of the members of the National Junior Honor Society. The advisor is Ms. DeBari. Email: cdebari@nbtschools.org. Selected members meet most Tuesdays, in room 517.

Operation Achievement 

is an after-school club (open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders) that helps students focus on their long-term goals in preparation for high school, college, and future careers. As students set individual academic and personal goals, they are able to research potential colleges and occupations, while also receiving first-hand accounts through numerous guest speakers and field trips. Additionally, the club fosters a sense of community and school pride within members through various opportunities for service within Linwood. Operation Achievement meets Tuesdays in Room 820/LMC. Advisors- Mrs. Minetti and Ms. Kopko Email: lminetti@nbtschools.orgmkopko@nbtschools.org.


Mrs. Aubrey Pappas was a beloved teacher here at Linwood Middle School. She was loved by everyone who had the pleasure of being in her company. In addition, she left an everlasting impact on not only Linwood Middle School, but the outside community as well. She tragically passed away on October 8, 2014 leaving so many with an empty space in their heart. With help and guidance from the Aubrey Pappas Foundation, the Aubrey Pappas Club will help in various events the Foundation participates in, immerse themselves in charity work (just as Aubrey did) and continue to keep her memory alive. The club will focus on the Aubrey Foundation’s hashtag #LiveLike Aubrey in an effort to promote the many amazing qualities of Mrs. Pappas. The Pappas Club meets Thursdays afterschool. Email: mcarroll@nbtschools.org

PBIS Club 

The PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support) Club is here to make Linwood a better place. The club meets and completes tasks and comes up with new and exciting ideas to create a positive climate for our school. Some of the tasks that the students work on are, the Kickoff, ticket creation, fundraisers, assemblies, prize ideas, and much more. The students are expected to exhibit positive behavior and all of the qualities that PBIS promotes, Safety, Respect, and Responsibility, on a daily basis throughout the school. Students are expected to be positive role models for other students throughout the school. The club members work together to inspire other students to also behave in positive ways. A positive and welcoming environment allows all students to feel comfortable to express their ideas and work together with all of the club members. The PBIS club works hard to make Linwood a better place for everyone! The club meets Thursdays in the Lion House Center. Advisor- Mr. Wolf Email: dwolf@nbtschools.org.

Robotics – “STEAM Club”

All students are welcome. In 6th grade we focus on the design process; 7 th grade focuses on Mind Storm and Design, and 8th Grade features Programming and Design. The Club Meets Tuesdays in room 140, by grade level.

Students should the Calendar outside room 140 for the Grade schedule. Mrs. mcCarthy is the advisor. Email:Pmccarthy@nbtschools.org

S.L.I.C.E. (Student Leadership in Character Education) 

stands for Student Leadership in Character Education. S.L.I.C.E. is a volunteer club in which students perform community service work for the school, as well as for various organizations within the township and the county. Each year, S.L.I.C.E. aims to improve the quality of school grounds, to serve meals at a local soup kitchen in New Brunswick, and to donate supplies to no-kill animal shelters. In October, students in S.L.I.C.E. donated enough food items to prepare over one hundred bagged lunches for Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen! On November 12th and November 19th, some of the club's seventh and eighth grade members visited the soup kitchen to staff the soup kitchen's dinner shift! Our volunteers rolled silverware, cleared tables, swept and mop, greeted and interacted with soup kitchen dinner guests. The club meets Tuesdays in room 848. Advisors- Ms. Silver and Ms. Ismail. Email: tsilver@nbtschools.orgrismail@nbtschools.org.

Student Council

is a unique, cohesive group of students who care about others and genuinely want to have an important leadership role in their school. In Student Council, you are responsible for working with both the staff and administration of Linwood Middle School. We create school events, host charitable fundraisers, and give the students of a Linwood a voice. Student Council meets Wednesdays in Room 718. Advisor- Mrs. Marsh Email: nmarsh@nbtschools.org.

The Yearbook Club 

is open to Linwood 6th, 7th and 8th graders who are interested in yearbook design, editing, and photography. We focus on teaching students proper publishing format and design, as well as photography skills. Together, we create memories for our school that last a lifetime! The Club Advisors are Ms. Scharen and Ms. Springsteen.The club meets Wednesdays in Room 712. Email: rscharen@nbtschools.orgkspringsteen@nbtschools.org.

Wind Ensemble 

is an by-audition-only group open to 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th grade band members, and plays advanced level music in a variety of styles. We perform at Linwood, the Elementary Schools, and throughout the community. The Wind Ensemble meets after on Tuesdays. Advisor- Mr. English. Email: cenglish@nbtschools.org.