Linwood School students and teachers (grades 5 and 6) will be provided with a Chromebook by the North Brunswick Public School District. Teachers and students will have access to Chromebooks 24/7, and are permitted to use the device outside of the school building. Classrooms will transform into 1:1 environments, which support an equitable distribution of technology and ubiquitous access. In 1:1 classrooms the integration of technology is both intentional and spontaneously driven by personal inquiry. Technology ceases to be a scheduled event, freeing teachers and students to collaborate and create in real-time. The district’s 1:1 initiative is to create model 21st learning environments that transform the teaching and learning process for all students to a more student-centered, teacher-facilitated experience that will lead to higher levels of engagement, empowerment and ultimately, academic achievement.

This will be accomplished by providing technology-rich 21st Century classroom environments and curriculum-aligned resources, a state-of-the-art network infrastructure, and ongoing, high quality professional development to all North Brunswick teachers and administrators to enable them to lead and teach in these environments.

As a result, students will be empowered to assume responsibility for their learning by applying new and existing technologies to solve real world problems while simultaneously expanding their global and cultural awareness and developing essential skills necessary for college and career readiness.