On August 1, 2022, Governor Phil Murphy signed into legislation, N.J.S.A. 18A:17-43.4, requiring the establishment of threat assessment teams in public, charter, and renaissance school projects. The purpose of a threat assessment team is to provide school teachers, administrators, and other staff with assistance in identifying students with behaviors of concern, assessing those students’ risk for engaging in violence or other harmful activities, and delivering intervention strategies to manage the risk of harm for students who pose a potential safety risk. Threat assessment teams’ purpose is also to prevent targeted violence in the school and to ensure a safe and secure school environment that enhances the learning experience for all members of the school community. Accordingly, the board of education of each school district and the board of trustees of each charter school or renaissance school project must develop and adopt a policy for the establishment of a multi-disciplinary threat assessment team at each school.  This mandate will be effective September 1, 2023. 

The process is designed for assessment of threats to harm others and is NOT intended for individuals who have only threatened to harm themselves nor is this for HIB - Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying reporting.

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Reporting a School Threat Concern:

  • Report any threat-related concerns to the building principal or any administrator as soon as possible.

    • Types of behaviors to report:

      • Threats of school violence (verbal and non-verbal)

      • Behaviors involving weapon carrying or menacing actions 

North Brunswick Board of Education Policy 2419

NJDOE/NBTSchools School Threat Assessment Guidance