Stem Parent Academy

Wonderful #STEM activities on display at NBTMS Parent Academy Night. Families celebrated Pi Day (3/14) & Einstein's Birthday and students in the 7th grade AMPED program used their hydroponically grown herbs to talk to visitors about sustainable business, cutting costs with material reuse, and how pre-algebra relates to real-life through modeling their business costs. Students in the 8th grade program sold (and pre-sold) new manufactured products and explained how they use algebra and linear analysis to determine  pricing and break even points.  Mathematicians from the National Museum of Mathematics in NYC presented a live, remote workshop on the data science behind how March Madness bracketing, and how skills developed in this learning helps to not only win brackets, but creates amazing career opportunities. Thanks to everyone who made this event a success! #NJSTEMMonth #truenorthbrunswick #nbtschools