NBTHS Staff Save Student's Life

A story with a happy ending for our NBTSchools community…

The day before winter break, when NBTHS sophomore Victor’s heart stopped beating, a team of NBTHS staff members came to his rescue. The first staff to his side did not hesitate to begin life-saving CPR and initiated the protocol for a school medical emergency. These actions proved to save Victor’s life. The next group of staff members on scene continued medical efforts to revive Victor, and quickly decided to use the AED, which successfully restarted his heart. This team of amazing staff members used quick thinking and relied on school protocols to help this young man - - wasting no moments while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

We are so very happy to report that Victor, an honors student in our STEM Academy and band program, is back at school! 

Superintendent Janet Ciarrocca, BOE President Hayley Toth, and BOE Vice President Elesia James commended these staff members at a recognition ceremony on Wednesday, January 24th. With hardly a dry eye in the audience, Victor and his family had the opportunity to give his heroes hugs and to publicly express their gratitude. Calling them Victor’s angels, his mother explained that when she and her husband decided that NBTSchools would be a good fit for their children’s academic and social needs, they never thought that they were also choosing a school that would save their son’s life. And more good news…the Stryker Forward Hearts program heard about Victor’s incredible story and are donating a new AED in Victor’s name to NBTHS.

We want everyone in the district to know these heroes’ names: 

Robert Giambrone 

Jamie Howell 

Lavar Reneau 

Karla Treadwell

Brett Grey 

Vivian Lopez 

Marcia Steinman 

Barbara Williams

Jason Hatez 

Linda Mruczinski 

George Stilwell 

Angelo Zecca

Victor and his family repeatedly said that they could never thank these staff members enough for saving his life. But, in his remarks, Principal Michael Kneller assured Victor’s family that the only thank you that the school ever needs is seeing Victor’s smiling face back in our hallways.