Congratulations to NBTHS wretler, Jomar Mena who is the recipient of the Kindness Counts Award; he is one of only 4 winners of this award across Middlesex County. Please see below the text of the congratulatory letter:

Dear Jomar,

On behalf of The Peter Fund, The Marisa Tufaro Foundation, and the Greater Middlesex Conference, we are elated to inform you that you have been named the recipient of a Kindness Counts Award.

The award is presented to a student-athlete from the conference who demonstrates compassion, generosity, kindness, sportsmanship, inclusivity, and empathy.

You will be honored as a Kindness Counts Award recipient during the Greater Middlesex Conference’s Annual Sportsmanship Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, April 17 at The Pines Manor in Edison.

In recognition of the award, you will receive a commemorative plaque and $500 will be donated in your name and honor to a charity of your choice that assists Middlesex County children in need.

A member of the Greater Middlesex Conference community nominated you for the Kindness Counts Award, which was established in loving memory of the late Peter Bonn Elchoness, a student-athlete from Niwot High School in Colorado who embodied the award’s criteria.

Peter was renowned throughout his school community as a magnetic presence and gifted student-athlete involved in myriad extracurricular activities who always looked out for others. Shortly after his passing at the age of 17 in November 2022, Peter’s family learned even more about his generosity of spirit through condolence letters they received from his classmates. Among other acts, Peter stood up to bullies, supported kids in crisis, and rooted for teammates and competitors.

His parents, Dave Elchoness, an Edison High School alumnus, and Eve Bonn, were told Peter saved lives. We are honored beyond words to bestow upon you a Kindness Counts Award.

At your earliest possible convenience, please let your high school’s athletics director know if you will be able to attend the awards luncheon. For additional information about the award, please visit thepeterfund.org/post/kindness-counts-comes-to-nj

Thank you for conducting your life in an exemplary fashion and being an outstanding ambassador of your school community. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you on April 17.


Dave Elchoness, Founder and Executive Director, The Peter Fund

Cyndi Tufaro, Founder and Executive Director, The Marisa Tufaro Foundation

Frank Noppenberger, Executive Director, Greater Middlesex Conference

Jomar Mena- Award